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Michael A. Singer and Tami Simon – Surrender: How It Liberates Us from Suffering June 2023
Join Michael A. Singer and Sounds True founder Tami Simon for an insightful conversation. In his acclaimed books, Michael reveals how we can spend our entire lives trying to change our external conditions to “be and feel OK”—when the real problem is what’s going on inside. Now, in this online session, he discusses insights to help us identify and release the blockages that cause our suffering. Learn about your true relationship to the world unfolding around you and to the thoughts and emotions arising within you. But most importantly, you will come into touch with the real “you”—the indwelling consciousness that is witnessing it all. (Online session – 58:18)
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Michael A. Singer and Craig Oliver – April 2023
Listen to Michael Singer’s interview with Sir Craig Oliver, Former Director of Politics and Communications to British PM David Cameron, former Controller of BBC Global News, Keynote Speaker on Geopolitics and Communications. They discuss awakening to know you are not your mind and emotions, what it is like to live inside, letting go of inner disturbance and the false self-concept, experiencing life as a great gift and teacher, learning to interact with life from a place of clarity and peace (even in politics), and more. (Podcast – 47 minutes)
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Danica Patrick interviews Michael A. Singer – October 2022
Watch Michael Singer’s interview with Danica Patrick, famous racecar driver and entrepreneur. Danica introduces her interview with Michael Singer: “Today Michael explains how to get beyond ourselves. How to access and process the mess we push down. Why we push it down. How to let it flow through us and essentially how to live a happier life. How to not take things personally. How to not be triggered. Can you imagine living a life where those things didn’t happen anymore? And it is possible. It is possible with these practices. We then talked about what is the final destination. What does it look like when you finally get to where you are supposed to go. Does that even exist? This is a really beautiful conversation.” (Podcast – 82 minutes)
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Michael A. Singer and Tami Simon – Living Untethered – June 2022
Listen to Michael Singer’s latest interview with Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True. They discuss the following topics: “Are you in there?”; the “three-ring circus” of the outside world, the thoughts in your head, and the emotions that emanate from your heart; removing the samskaras (or energy blockages) within you; witness consciousness and the practice of “relax and release”; the art of transmutation; piercing the spiritual heart; and more. (Podcast – 71 minutes)
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Mayim Bialek’s Breakdown – Michael Singer: Let Go of Yourself and Surrender to Life – June 2022
Michael Singer talks with Mayim Bialek and Jonathan Cohen about how to separate consciousness from the experience of anxiety. Michael discusses ways to create distance between you and your suffering, how to reach a state of unconditional love and spiritual growth, and he provides practical examples of how to surrender one’s ego. (Podcast – 1 hr 51 minutes)
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Oprah Winfrey Interviews Michael Singer about his new book Living Untethered – May 2022
Oprah talks with Michael Singer about his new book, Living Untethered: Beyond the Human Predicament. Michael provides guidance for moving beyond the feelings, thoughts and habits that keep us stuck, so we can heal our past and find peace within. He explains how difficult experiences get lodged in our psyches and cause “blockages,” and he explains techniques to help us let go and free ourselves. (Podcast – 43 minutes)
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Russell Brand Interviews Michael Singer: Living Untethered with Michael Singer – May 2022
Russell Brand introduces this interview with Michael Singer: “Michael Singer is an incredibly wise soul who communicates the trials and tribulations of life in a way that all of us can relate to. Anyone who has ever felt any kind of pain, trauma or emotional upheaval will benefit greatly from listening to this episode.” (Podcast – 63 minutes)
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Michael A. Singer with Tami Simon – Resilience and Surrender in Challenging Times – April 2020
Watch Michael Singer’s new interview with Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True. Michael discusses how to stay centered and grow spiritually during during the times of the COVID 19 pandemic. (Video – 28 minutes)
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Michael A. Singer with Tony Robbins and Sage Robbins – Full Video Conversation – December 2018
Watch an inspiring conversation with Tony Robbins, Sage Robbins, and Michael A. Singer, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment. They discuss what happiness really is and how to experience inner peace and fulfillment every day.
(Video – 85 minutes.)
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Tony Robbins and Sage Robbins – excerpts from their visit with Michael Singer – December 2018
Tony and Sage Robbins share photos, a short video clip, and reflections on their connection with Michael Singer. (Web page and video – 7 minutes)
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Tami Simon, Founder of Sounds True Publications, Interviews Michael Singer – October 2017
Tami Simon speaks with Michael A. Singer about the core idea of his teachings: that it is only through complete surrender to the essence of the moment that we experience life’s full potential. They talk about what this sense of surrender actually means when it comes to decision-making and day-to-day activities, as well as how to recognize when we are still clinging to resistance. (Podcast – 60 minutes)
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Full 2012 Interview “Oprah and Michael Singer: The Untethered Soul” on the Emmy® Award-winning series “Super Soul Sunday”
Enjoy the full 2012 interview between Michael Singer and Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy® Award-winning series “Super Soul Sunday”. Released on SuperSoul Conversations in iTunes. (Audio – 33 minutes or video – 43 minutes)
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